What are the similarities between Truman and Eisenhower's foreign policies during the Cold War? I am writing a compare/contrast essay on Eisenhower's and Truman's foreign policies, and I can find plenty of differences but not many similarities. I have to have an entire paragraph on just the similarities. I was thinking Eisenhower's policy of rollback was not so different from Truman's containment as he didn't, in actuality, "rollback" the Soviets. So I just want some similarities. Thanks!

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Both President Truman and President Eisenhower practiced a policy of containing communism to prevent its spread to new countries. The use of economic aid was a major tool in this. Truman signed an aid package of four hundred million dollars to help bolster the economies of Greece and Turkey, which did a lot to prevent communism and Soviet influence from taking hold there. President Eisenhower also let it be known that the United States was ready to provide economic support to any foreign government that felt threatened by communism.

Both were also willing to commit American forces when necessary to halt the proliferation of communism. Truman sent American soldiers into Korea in 1950 and Eisenhower did the same in Lebanon in 1958. They also worked in conjunction with NATO on many projects and initiatives to create a united front against the Soviet Union and its allies.

The two presidents also took a similar approach to West Germany. They both believed that it was critical that West...

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