What are the similarities between the characteristics demanded of an entrepreneur and those of a professional athlete?

Similarities between the characteristics demanded of an entrepreneur and a professional athlete include the need to be tenacious, hard-working, and committed.

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Several answers have explored how entrepreneurs and professional athletes both have high degrees of work ethic, tenacity, independence, discipline, and commitment. I would wholeheartedly agree with those traits being demanded of both groups; however, I also believe that having creativity and the ability to network are also key traits of both professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of athletes out there, and many of them dream of becoming professional athletes some day. Even with amazing talent, passion for the sport, and dedication to improvement, most athletes do not become professional athletes. There simply are not enough spots available at the professional level. Talent and hard work are not enough. An athlete has to stand out, and being creative is one way to stand out.

Listen to any football, soccer, basketball, or hockey broadcast. At some point, the announcer is going to talk about how a key player is creative. He or she is either creative with the ball, figures...

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