What are the similarities between Brave New World and today's society?

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Throughout the novel, there are many different aspects of the dystopian World State that resemble elements of modern society. Aldous Huxley uses these similarities in a satirical manner to provide a social commentary on various aspects of modern society. One of the most prominent aspects of the World State and its populace is the use of a drug called soma. Soma is a type of recreational drug citizens use to cure any type of unhappiness. In the World State, happiness and comfort are paramount. Lenina continually uses the drug while John initially refuses to take any because he prefers to experience unhappiness. Soma is similar to popular selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also known as SSRIs, which are some of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants that millions of people take on an everyday basis.

The various types of entertainment in the World State are eerily similar to modern technology. In Huxley's novel, citizens go to the feelies, which are interactive movies that allow...

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