What are the short term and long term consequences of designing a system with contract-to-logic coupling? What are the effects on the service itself and what are the effects on the overall service inventory when this occurs? Using research and your own experience, identify at least two situations that could facilitate contract-to-logic coupling in practice.

The long-term impact of contact-to-logic coupling is unfavorable. The coupling hinders development and makes ongoing management onerous. Ideally, the service should determine the logic, and not the other way around.

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The long-term impact of a contract-to-logic coupling will likely be restrictive and limiting. When a contract is coupled to logic, that generally means that the logic is already built. If a business’s services need to develop, it might be hard for the business to grow since the business in question is more or less bonded to the predetermined algorithm or system.

The logic, not the services, determine the trajectory, which will not bode well for a company intent on expansion. Again, it’s going to be hard to change or increase in size when wedded to prefabricated logic.

Short-term, if a company needs specific functionalities right away and isn’t worried about how those functionalities will hold up over a longer period of time, perhaps contract-to-logic has some appeal. Since all the logic is already there, a business doesn’t have to spend time or additional money fashioning its own. They can start to take advantage of the given functionalities right away.

However, the above scenario will probably be considered an outlier. Usually, the optimal coupling involves logic-to-contract so that logic is dependent on service, and not the other way around. If service comes first, that means the logic will be agile and adaptable. It can grow with the services, which is ideal for any company aiming for more than stagnation.

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