What are the pull factors that attract people to move to urban areas?

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There are many pull factors that drive people to move to urban areas. One such pull factor is the availability of jobs. There are more jobs nearby an urban area than a suburban or rural area. While people can commute from the suburbs, many people enjoy having mass transit as an option or at least a shorter commute to work. Some people may not be able to afford a commute by car. Business owners often want to have their businesses established in an urban area in order to cater to a larger clientele.

Another pull factor is the number of social activities available in urban areas. Many urban areas have multiple sport teams that people can watch. There are also an abundance of movie theaters and nightclubs for people to visit. Urban areas have entertainment venues for every taste, and these are good places to meet new people. This pull factor is especially important to people who move to an area and are in search of new social groups.

While cities have many push factors, the number of pull factors continue to allow cities to grow every year. While the main pull factor is economic, one cannot downplay the social opportunities one has in an urban environment.

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