What are the pros and cons of "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson?

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I can only hope that you are not referring to the actual lottery system that Jackson describes.  I am not sure I see any pros in that setup!  In terms of assessing Jackson's story, I see many pros and few, if any, cons.  I love how she is able to construct a setting where one really gets to see what political theorists like John Stuart Mill describe as "the tyranny of the majority."  She is able to construct a setting a small town, and through exquisite use of language develop an emotional framework or sensation where one knows something is wrong, yet is slowly and more increasingly horrified as to what is actually created in the process.  The notion of one person "winning" this lottery is brutal, as it reflects how the collective voice can be a destructive one.  I think that the social and political implications of the story are powerful ones.

Concerning "The Lottery," I'll interpret "pros and cons" to refer to the story itself, and how it is written.

The pros are easy.  Jackson...

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