What are the positive qualities in Frankenstein's relationship with the monster?

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Sadly, the positives that can be drawn from their relationship could be described as the way Victor Frankenstein is influenced to behave as a result of both his desire to create the monster and his desire to destroy the monster.

Victor initially sets to to create the monster in an attempt to find a way to stave off death. In this way, his relationship to the monster begins even before its creation. He puts great care into building the monster and even remarks, 

"His limbs were in proportion. I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! - Great God!" (CH. V).

He worked for close to two years to bring this being to fruition, so the positive quality we could see in this part of their relationship is that the desire to create the monster drove Frankenstein, with good intentions, to attempt something never attempted before. Had the creature not been so hideous, Victor might have realized what an accomplishment the monster was and that all of his hard work was actually successful.

Later, Victor so hates and fears the monster, that he hunts him all over Europe. Again, the monster has brought out in Victor a focus and determination to accomplish something, even if it is the death of the creature. That is not the positive quality, though. The positive quality could be seen as Victor's loyalty to his family and perhaps renewed appreciation of them as a result of the danger that the creature has put them in. In this way, the relationship with the creature has caused the very positive quality  of loyalty in Victor to shine.

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