What are the names of Dana's parents in Kindred?

Expert Answers

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You must be speaking of the section in the book where Dana is recalling her family Bible.  She does not mention her parents by name anywhere in the book but she does mention her grandmother, Hagar Weylin Blake.  She was married to Oliver Blake and her children and grandchildren are also listed in the Bible.  In fact, you can find this information in the chapter entitled "The Fire."  This occurs on Dana's second trip to the Weylin plantation.  She and Rufus are eating and Dana begins asking him questions about his family history, as well as questions about people who live on the plantation. 

"Hagar had filled pages of it with her careful script.  There was a record of her marriage to Oliver Blake, and a list of her seven children, their marriages, some grandchildren... Then someone else had taken up the listing.  So many relatives that I had never known, would never know." (pg. 28)

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