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Motifs are structures, literary devices, and other items that recur throughout a text in order to develop its major themes. Everyman has several of them, each serving its own purpose.

The first is what the title of the work truly speaks to: being utterly average. Throughout the novel, the everyman thinks of himself as the average person (hence the word "everyman"). Everything he experiences from marriage, adultery, illness, and pain are things that he considers to be utterly typical. However, the author may want the reader to question if the story is truly average, since the work focuses exclusively on one's man average life.

Family is also a recurring motif in the novel. Everyman is surrounded by people to whom he is related, like his brother, mother, and daughter. Everyman also interacts with multiple romantic partners, from his wife to women with whom he has affairs. His blood relatives are comforting to the everyman, but his romantic partners often do not understand him.

Time also manifests constantly, usually in the form of nostalgia. The characters seem to feel that old age is a simply meaningless time meant for nothing else but reflecting back on what came before. The everyman's brother spends a lot of time reflecting on their childhood. The book in itself mainly deals with looking back on a life already lived.

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