What are the most important events in the book Coming of Age in Mississippi?

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Important events in Coming of Age in Mississippi chart Anne Moody's young years and the progress of her life as she grew up.

Anne's father leaves their family. This makes her home life less stable and introduces her stepfather into her life. Her mother cannot afford to feed her children without the income that her husband provided. Because of this, Anne is forced to start work at a young age.

In high school, Anne is chosen as homecoming queen, plays basketball, and gets good grades. This directly leads to her attending college on a scholarship. Without the scholarship, it's possible that she wouldn't have been able to attend even with her hard work.

Anne lives through violence that harms people around her simply because they're black. This influences her later activist work and helps her understand the problems with racist attitudes in America. Boycotting the cafeteria at her college also helps her better understand how to be an activist and how to fight back against unfair practices.


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