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What are the most crucial elements of an ecosystem, and how they are being destroyed by environmental pollution?

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The fact that it's called an ecosystem implies that there are many factors contributing to this idea, and I think it would be difficult to say that any one of them is the most important. Furthermore, the idea of an ecosystem is a human concept that's being applied to the real world in an attempt to better understand it, but this doesn't mean that nature "thinks" in terms of ecosystems or has any particular fidelity toward the definitions that we've created. This would probably be an easier question to answer if we were looking at a specific ecosystem, particularly a smaller one, or if we were specifically investigating just one portion of an ecosystem.

However, an ecosystem is basically the interactions between living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) portions of the environment, so we could reasonably argue that the most important aspect of an ecosystem is the ability for these things to interact at all; that is to say, transferral is probably the most important part of...

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