What are the metaphorical lessons that Edwin and Garvey taught Cole in Touching Spirit Bear? What did Cole learn from the metaphors?

The metaphorical lessons that Edwin and Garvey taught Cole in Touching Spirit Bear were each given in an effort to help Cole overcome the anger and violence of his past by finding a way to heal. The two men primarily use metaphorical lessons drawn from food and nature to teach Cole ways he can heal himself of his past and make amends for the hurt he has inflicted on others.

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In Touching Spirit Bear , Edwin and Garvey taught Cole several important lessons regarding healing and forgiveness using metaphors. Before Cole was sent to the island, Garvey used cake ingredients to teach Cole about the human experience. By asking Cole to taste each of the ingredients alone before tasting the cake made from the same ingredients, Garvey gave Cole direction on how to handle his history of abuse at the hands of his father. Just as the individual cake ingredients were primarily distasteful when consumed alone, the anger and abuse of Cole’s past and the violent actions of his present were, in themselves, horrible experiences. However, the cake made from those ingredients tasted good to Cole. Although Cole did not yet seem to understand the lessons Garvey was attempting to teach him, Garvey’s goal was to show Cole that a person can still forge a positive future out of the negative...

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