Solibo Magnificent Questions and Answers
by Patrick Chamoiseau

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What are the major themes of this novel?

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The primary and most evident theme in Solibo Magnificent is police corruption. However, there are many levels or elements of police corruption, which can be viewed as a general term that encompasses many aspects. The entire plot is based on this theme of police corruption. In particular, police brutality. In the story, the police force abuses the citizens and oppresses their civil and human rights. Although the police are technically trying to conduct their work in investigating a murder, that is the only form of meager professionalism they show throughout the story. It is as if the homicide victim himself is not important.

Instead, the police officers are pressured to solve the case and want to attain success for egotistical reasons. They try to solve the case by any means necessary, including beating a woman, Doudou Menar, to death. Interestingly, Doudou was the person who called the police to notify them of the murder. This showed that the police perceived the each citizen in the same way. Essentially, from the police's perspective, there is no difference between good citizens who try to help them and the actual criminals. The police care more about professional accolades, or simply finishing the job as quickly as possible, than caring about justice.

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