What are the major publications that helped the second wave of feminism, and what are the major themes they tackled?

The major publications that helped the second wave of feminism included Ms., off our backs, The Feminist Times, The Amazon, Majority Report, Women’s Press, and more. The major themes these publications tackled included reproductive rights, lesbian and bisexual rights, professional rights for women, and respect for women within marriage and all inter-gender relations.

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The second wave of feminism refers to the resurgence of feminism beginning in the 1960s. This era of feminism was considered the “second wave” in contrast to the “first wave” of the 1800’s and early 1900’s, which was primarily focused on fighting for women’s right to vote.

Because women had gained suffrage by this time, the feminist movement in the 1960s began to broaden its focus and address a wide range of issues. These issues included reproductive rights (i.e. access to birth control and abortion), homosexual rights, discrimination in the workplace, the oppressive nature of the institution of marriage, and gender relations in general.

To communicate these themes, several feminist publications were established during this era. These include the magazine Ms., founded by feminist activists Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes, which is still in circulation today. Another publication that remained in existence until 2008 is off our backs, which took a more radical approach to feminist ideas and shattered heteronormativity with lesbian erotica.

Other publications that represented the gender-critical perspectives of second-wave feminism included The Feminist Times (1972), The Feminist Art Journal (1972–7), Her-self (1972–7), Dandelion (1972–80), The Amazon (1972–85), Lesbian Tide (1972–80), Majority Report (1971–7), Pandora (1970–9), Lilith (1968–70), Women’s Press (1970–87), Sister: The West Coast Feminist Newspaper (1973–5), and Quest: A Feminist Quarterly (1974–82).

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