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What are the major points in the essay "Prevention of Literature" by George Orwell?

The major points in the essay "The Prevention of Literature" by George Orwell are about the dangers of totalitarianism for intellectual freedom and the production of serious literature. He argues that true totalitarianism will prevent any important prose from being written and that writers who support Communist and other totalitarian regimes are collaborating in their own destruction.

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George Orwell's essay "The Prevention of Literature" deals with attacks on free speech and intellectual liberty, and the danger of totalitarianism for the writer. The main points are as follows.

Intellectual freedom is under attack both from the totalitarian left, which is ideologically opposed to it, and in a more practical but less tangible sense from "monopoly and bureaucracy," which encourage conformity.

Those who attack intellectual freedom do not generally speak about truth and falsehood, but condemn the writers and thinkers they...

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