What are the major changes Russell goes through in Dogsong by Gary Paulsen?

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The most important change that Russell goes through in Dogsong is that he overcomes his sorrow and anger by learning the old ways of his people. He feels disconnected from their history and from who he believes he should be. He's unhappy living in a world guided by Western values, which he feels doesn't mesh with who he is. Russell is a person who is twisted up inside and doesn't understand who he isor how to find himself.

When he sets off on his journey, Russell is able to find himself. He grows from a boy into a man. He thinks of others; he helps Nancy get the medical care she needs, for example. For the first time, he is guided by the voice inside and by the care and love of his dogs instead of by Western values. This makes him a kinder, more patient person with a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him.

When Russell finds his song and his desire to help others, he grows up. He is more settled. He is calmer. He doesn't feel miserable and at odds with himself every...

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