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What Are The Main Points Of Darwin's Theory?

The main point of Darwin's theory is that organisms change over time through a process called evolution. Evolution is based on variation, so no individuals in a species are identical. It is also based on heredity, so parents pass genetic traits to their offspring. In Darwin's theory of natural selection, he proposed that organisms pass down traits that give their offspring a better chance of survival and reproduction. Different species also have different reproduction rates based on chances for survival.

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Charles Darwin is famous for his theory of natural selection. In his 1859 book entitled On the Origin of Species, Darwin theorized that organisms change over time through a process called evolution. We can break this theory down into smaller parts to really understand his main points.

Darwin proposed that all species of organisms come from a common ancestor. His theory of natural selection accounts for how and why organisms have changed over time. He theorized that all species evolved from that ancestor. According to Darwin, evolution occurs through a process called natural...

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