What are the main ideas in Soar by Joan Bauer?

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Some of the main ideas in Soar are positivity and inspiration.

Positivity is a major theme in the novel. A person could expect Jeremiah to be upset at the loss of his ability to play baseball after getting a heart transplant; instead, he uses his positive thinking to make his life better and still participate in the sport he loves. By acting as a coach, he's still able to include baseball in his life without the risk of dying. Other factors in Jeremiah's life—like his adoption—that others might see as problems are instead positive and lucky things to the young boy. He can't be sure of his real birth date, but Jeremiah knows he's cared for and chooses to approach life from a positive angle.

Inspiration is another major idea in Soar . Jeremiah uses his positive attitude and hopefulness to inspire the rest of the boys on the team. He encourages others—like the Vice Principal—to help him inspire people he can't reach. For example, when parents are encouraging their children to quit the...

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