What are the literary devices in Everything, Everything?

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Everything, Everything, the debut novel by Jamaican-American writer Nicola Yoon, tells the story of Maddy Whittier, a 17-year-old young woman who lives a sheltered life in Los Angeles, California due to her severe combined immunodeficiency disorder. Maddy is confined to her bedroom and her only interactions are with her mother, her nurse, and the books in her room. Everything in her life must be sterilized. She eventually meets and falls in love with her neighbor, Oliver.

The narrator uses the first-person point of view to tell the story, allowing the reader to view the narrative from Maddy’s perspective. Since Maddy is confined to her room, this point of view perspective allows the reader to imagine her jail-like existence. Oliver and Maddy primarily communicate electronically, and these messages are built into the prose, so the reader feels like they are front-and-center watching the relationship develop.

Yoon also uses symbolism as Maddy’s room becomes a microcosm for her life. Her...

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