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What are the key strengths and weaknesses in both the First and Second Triumvirate?

The First Triumvirate was a well-balanced partnership bonded through marriages. However, it never had full support of the Senate, and Caesar exploited Crassus and Pompey. The Second Triumvirate had the military support and power to circumvent the Senate. The Senate never trusted Antony or Lepidus, and Octavian and Antony never liked each other.

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First Triumvirate


  • The three rulers each had skills and attributes that presented a well-rounded front. Crassus had extreme wealth and the influence it could buy. Pompey had fame and the loyalty of the military. Caesar had the savvy to navigate the treacherous politics of the day.
  • The marriages that united the men of the triumvirate were strong. Pompey was very pleased with his marriage to Caesar's daughter Julia. Caesar formed a powerful bond with Calpurnia, a member of a family with close ties to Crassus.


  • Caesar was more concerned with using his partnership with Pompey and Crassus for personal gain. This eventually led to distrust and...

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