What are the important events in chapters 5 and 6 of The Great Gatsby?

In chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby, Gatsby meets up with Daisy at Nick's house. This meeting results in their extramarital affair. Meanwhile, in chapter 6, we learn Gatsby's real name and background. In the same chapter, Tom develops suspicions about Gatsby and the latter's seeming preoccupation with Daisy.

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Chapters 5 and 6 are two of the most important chapters in The Great Gatsby. In chapter 5, Gatsby finally meets with Daisy. Their initial encounter is awkward, but they soon become quite comfortable in each other's presence.

At his mansion, Gatsby shows Daisy his shirts. They are made of linen, silk, and flannel. The avalanche of colors and soft fabric draws an emotional response from Daisy. She cries and exclaims that she has never seen such beautiful shirts in her life.

Her emotional outburst is noteworthy. Daisy comes from "old money" and is accustomed to traditions and sedate monotony. As such, the profusion of colors and styles in Gatsby's wardrobe represents individuality, spontaneity, and nonconformity. Gatsby's "new money" habits intrigue Daisy, and she is drawn to it. However, they fall short in tempting her to leave Tom, and chapter 6 hints at this.

Still, this fateful encounter between Gatsby and Daisy drives the action in the rest of the story. It is at this point that they begin their extramarital affair. In chapter 6, Tom meets Gatsby and becomes suspicious of his intentions toward his wife.

Even though Tom is himself having an affair, the mere thought of Daisy doing the same is repugnant to him. Chapter 6 reveals Gatsby's true background and contrasts his nouveau riche openness with "old money" hauteur. Tom's contempt for Gatsby is palpable, and he attends Gatsby's party to keep an eye on Daisy.

Although Daisy commences an affair with Gatsby, a dark pall surrounds the ill-fated couple. In chapter 6, Tom's suspicions foreshadow tragedy in the following chapters.

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