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What are the five strategic goals of China's military power.

China's strategic goals are difficult to determine, given the secretive nature of the government. However, in a 2015 policy document, the strategic goals mentioned were developing advanced weaponry, cultivating the education of military personnel, intensifying discipline, developing innovative theories and improving strategic management.

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The Chinese Communist Party runs one of the world's most secretive governments, and it is very difficult to determine its objectives in any area, let alone military strategy. In a policy document released in 2015, however, the government listed five strategic goals for the military. It is reasonable to suppose that they afford only a very selective picture of China's actual goals, but so far as they go, they appear reasonable. The five strategic objectives listed by the government were as follows:

1. Developing advanced weaponry and equipment, and upgrading existing weaponry, particularly with regard to "informationized warfare."

2. Cultivating a new type of military personnel, particularly those with advanced technical knowledge. This goal includes enhanced education and training for current personnel, as well as a drive to recruit talented people into the military.

3. Intensifying strict discipline in the armed forces, with the aim of "strengthening the revolutionization, modernization and regularization of the armed forces in all respects."

4. Developing innovative military theories, particularly tactics which emphasize mobility and flexibility, so that China has the most advanced theoretical framework in the world "commensurate with the requirement of winning future wars."

5. Improving strategic management and optimizing all the functions of General Central Headquarters. This will involve setting up a system for coordinated programming and planning throughout the armed forces, as well as increasing supervision of strategic resources and major projects at the highest level.

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