What are the factors that led to Dally's notoriety in The Outsiders? Write about his law breaking and his negative qualities.

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Dallas Winston was the "bad boy" of the Greasers, feared even by Darry. The other members treated him carefully, as he had a short fuse and a long record stretching back to the age of ten when he was first arrested. Having spent time in prison, just released as the story begins, his favorite way to let off steam is fighting, especially gang fights. He survived three years in the gangs of New York City, and, he owned a gun, something most of the Greasers did not. His smoking, drinking, cursing, and crude way of dealing with girls rounds out his negative image.

Despite this tough guy image, Dally had a soft spot-Johnny-probably because of Johnny's abuse at the hands of his parents and his quiet, inoffensive nature. Dally dies in a suicidal manner, after Johnny dies of the burns he received rescuing two children from a fire.

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