Everything That Rises Must Converge Questions and Answers
by Flannery O’Connor

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What are the external and internal conflicts in the "Everything That Rises Must Converge"?

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One external conflict is that Julian's mother (and though he doesn't want to admit it, Julian too) has to cope with a new world in which black people have the same rights as white people. For example, now they can sit in the front of the buses with white people. Julian's mother's racism and ingrained sense of her own superiority (which Julian shares) conflicts with a world that has begun to move beyond that mindset.

A second external conflict is between Julian and his mother. He hates her for clinging to the old ways of Southern graciousness and racism as if the world has not changed, and she, in turn, is angry at him for not taking the pride she would wish in his ancestry. He fears her open racism and how it might be displayed and wants her to change her outdated ways. This...

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