What are the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of "The Most Dangerous Game"?

In "The Most Dangerous Game," the exposition includes an introduction of Rainsford and the discussion on animals' feelings, the rising action includes the introduction of Zaroff and his hunt of Rainsford, the climax is when Rainsford is presumed dead, the falling action is when Zaroff returns home, and the resolution is when Rainsford, having defeated Zaroff, sleeps in Zaroff's bed.

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"The Most Dangerous Game" begins with a conversation between Rainsford and Whitney on the yacht. Here, in the story's exposition, we learn of Rainsford's background as a hunter, as well as of the sinister reputation of Ship-Trap Island.

The story's rising action begins after Rainsford falls off the yacht and washes up on the island, eventually finding Zaroff's mansion, in which live Zaroff and his servant, Ivan. As they dine, he learns of Zaroff's own background as a hunter who, no longer challenged by hunting animals, has turned to hunting humans instead.

The rising action continues as Zaroff decides to hunt Rainsford. Here we witness both Zaroff's abilities as a hunter, as well as his willingness to draw out the contest. Meanwhile, Rainsford is desperately struggling for his own survival. This struggle leads to the story's climax, when Rainsford successfully escapes Zaroff by diving into the sea.

The falling action follows Zaroff in the aftermath of their hunt. He is shown to be discontented...

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