What are the ethical issues Walmart has faced?

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Walmart has been accused of gender discrimination against women. In 2011, 1.5 million women who were Walmart employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the retailer. The women claimed that Walmart paid them less and didn’t promote them as often as the men because of their gender. Even though the suit didn’t go far, other lawsuits have been filed by current or former female workers claiming that they are or were treated differently because as women.

In 2004, a Mississippi resident filed a lawsuit against Walmart for alleged racial discrimination. According to Mr. Nelson, the human resource manager at the Walmart distribution center offered him a job as a laborer instead of the driver job that he had applied for. The manager claimed that Mr. Nelson had falsified his documents to get hired. However, Mr. Nelson didn’t falsify anything. His records were clean. Mr. Nelson later filed a lawsuit, which later turned out to be a class-action suit, for being discriminated against because...

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