What are the elements of art present in the painting Deforestation by Sandra Scheetz-Wise?

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Deforestation by Sandra Scheetz-Wise contains numerous standard elements of art, including line, shape, space, color and texture.

Line refers to the edges of objects, including their shape and thickness. Line is prominent in the tree-human hybrid figures as elements of the branches or arms that grow out of the trunks. They are especially notable where they protrude upward into the sky.

Shapes result from the meeting of lines, and areas of two-dimensional space enclosed by the lines. The most significant shapes in the painting are the tree-humans that grow out of the ground, and those lying on the ground, which have been felled and chopped apart.

Space consists of positive and negative space. Positive space is occupied by objects, which negative space is the empty area around those objects. Scheetz-Wise experiments with the relation between positive and negative space with the two large areas in the sky. These might signify outer space as visible within a ruptured sky; rather than strictly negative space, they are filled with stars. Instead, they could be interpreted as dark clouds, filled with debris, in front of the sky.

Color includes various aspects: Hue, the color identifiable on a color wheel; value, the color’s lightness or darkness; and intensity, the color’s brightness or dullness. The clear blue of most of the sky is prominent, contrasted with the much darker clouds or spaces in it. The humanness of the hybrid figures is accentuated by the fleshy tones of what otherwise would be considered bark. Accents of red and purple in the scarves call attention to the figures’ heads.

Texture refers to the smoothness or roughness, including that associated with natural elements such as sand, rocks, or water. Texture is a prominent feature of Deforestation. The ground is relatively smooth but has a series of low ridges which make it seem more three-dimensional. The tree-human hybrid figures have several textures. Bark is especially notable, but the distinct textures of skin and hair are notable on the human-like figures’ heads.

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