What are the different departments of UNO?

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I believe you are referring to the United Nations Organization (UNO). It is now known as the United Nations or simply the UN. 

There are five principal departments or organs of the UN:

  1. General Assembly: the main assembly for deliberations among all member states
  2. Security Council: responsible for maintaining peace throughout the world
  3. Economic and Social Council: promotes international economic and social cooperation
  4. Secretariat: provides information, studies and facilities needed by the UN
  5. International Court of Justice: the judiciary branch deals with cases related to war crimes, ethnic cleansing, illegal state interference, etc.

A sixth department, the United Nations Trusteeship Council, has been inactive since 1994 (after the independence of Palau, the last UN trustee territory).

The first four of these organizations are located at UN Headquarters in New York, while the International Court of Justice is located at the Hague. 

Hope this helps.