What are the differences between Walton and Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein?

A key difference between Captain Walton and Victor Frankenstein is Walton's ability to predict how his quest for adventure might harm those around him.

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At first glance, Victor and Walton seem to have a great deal in common. Both men have a seemingly insatiable thirst for adventure, and they both are willing to sacrifice personal relationships in order to further their goals. While Victor has focused his adventurous quests in the realm of scientific advancements, Walton has looked to the boundaries of the natural world, hoping to physically go where no one has been able to go before.

Their primary contrast lies in the understanding of their own limits. Victor seems to believe himself incapable of failure. When the monster promises to be with him on his wedding night, Victor doesn't take this threat seriously enough to consider the potential harm to his beloved Elizabeth. Thinking that he can somehow take care of the monster he's created single-handedly, he keeps his creation, the thing which has been the singular focus of his passions for years, from everyone he knows and destroys many lives because of this decision. On some level, Victor...

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