What are the differences between the book The Color Purple and the movie?

One of the major differences in Steven Spielberg's production is that the movie does not include information about Pa's real identity and how he is related to Celie and Nettie. The movie simply portrays him as their biological father, when in fact, in letter 67, it is revealed that a lucrative Black store owner in rural Georgia, who was lynched by envious white men, was Celie and Nettie's biological father.

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There are many differences between The Color Purple the novel and The Color Purple the film.

We might discuss how the film mostly reduces the men to either good or bad, while Alice Walker makes the men much more complicated.

One thing that struck me right away was how tall Mister (Mr. ___) was in the movie. Why? In the book, Celie describes Mister as "small like his daddy."

This might seem like a tiny difference, but think about the stereotypical bad, abusive man. Do we think of him as tall and commanding or small and diminutive? Can't a small man be just as terrifying as a large man? Also, can't an abusive man—a man who's done lots of wrong—change?

Walker's novel allows for such dynamism, but Steven Spielberg, the director of the film adaptation, precludes such intricacy.

While we're on the topic of intricacy and complexity, let's talk about Celie's sexuality. Is Celie a 100-percent straight woman? In the novel, she's not. She has an affair with the singer Shug. What about Shug? Is Shug a...

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