Macbeth Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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What are the differences and  similarities of Lady Macbeth in the movie by Roman Polanski and the play?

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Most adaptations portray Lady Macbeth as a rather hard-boiled and openly aggressive character; however, Francesca Annis chooses to focus more on the character's deviousness by making her seem gentle and feminine. She is flirtatious and sweet-tempered around Macbeth when convincing him to murder Duncan—a demeanor that, rather than minimizing Lady Macbeth's ruthlessness, makes her seem all the more callous, given the gulf between her intentions and her manner. She wears white when playing the hostess, emphasizing a desire to appear harmless.

Annis has Lady Macbeth use her sexual allure and innocent facade to her advantage, perhaps making her more palatable to the audience, despite her evil deeds. Her soft voice and beauty make her more seductive to Macbeth, combined with her jabs at his manhood. However, this Lady Macbeth also appears more vulnerable. When her sanity breaks down, she walks through the castle in the nude, guilty and delirious, crying in a childlike way. Despite what critics...

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