What are the conflict, climax, and rising action of The Egypt Game?

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This question appears to be asking for a basic plot chart of the book. The story's exposition is our introduction to April Hall. She has recently moved into the area, and she is fortunate to be befriended by Melanie and her little brother, Marshall. Near their building, there is an abandoned lot, and the three children decide to call it Egypt and make up all kinds of crazy, imaginary scenarios.

The book's rising actions are fairly straightforward. Elizabeth joins the "Egyptians," and the game becomes more and more involved and complex. The big rising action occurs when a child is murdered in the neighborhood, yet the foursome continues to head out to the abandoned lot.

The climax occurs when April and Marshall are attacked by the murderer, and the murderer grabs April.

Fortunately, the Professor is nearby, sees the attack, calls for help, and April gets away. The murderer is identified and caught, and the neighborhood is once again safe.

Although dramatic, the murderer conflict isn't the main conflict in the book. The main conflict surrounds April and her turmoil over the fact that she has been forced to move to a new location. She isn't sure if she wants to stay there with her grandmother, but this conflict is resolved by the end of the book. April is okay with the move. Additionally, she is actually happy that she's in a place with some stability and that she has friendships that are likely to last for a long time.

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The climax of the book occurs when they go back to the game site to retrieve Security, only to be surprised by the murderer. (Good scene!)

The main conflict in the book is how April can find a new way to make her way in the world. The conflict is between her old desire to be with her mother and have everything be the way she pretended it was/wanted it to be and the new reality of living with her Grandma.

The rising action is the way that the Egypt game comes into being, how it involves more people and more emotional risk, and all the threats that keep it from happening (such as a murderer).

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