Gabriel García Márquez

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What are the comparisons between the short story "One of These Days" by Márquez and the short story "Emma Zunz" by Borges?

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One of These Days" and Jorge Luis Borges's "Emma Zunz" are short stories that deal with revenge and justice.

In Marquez's story, the main character is a dentist who lacks power but takes pride in his work. When the dentist is interrupted while polishing a gold tooth, his son informs him that the mayor is there to see him. Unexpectedly, the dentist refuses to serve the mayor. As readers, we are unaware why the dentist has a distaste for the mayor until the mayor threatens him. The dentist then agrees to perform the procedure but informs the mayor that he cannot use anesthesia. When the mayor is at the dentist's mercy, "The dentist spread his feet and grasped the tooth with the hot forceps" and, before pulling the tooth, says, "Now you’ll pay for...

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