What are the common themes shared in Mary Shelley's work?

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One of the themes presented so creepily in the novel 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley is power. However, absolute power turns out to be a very dangerous and uncontrollable thing, so there is a warning there for eveyone, that we should be careful what we wish for! One example of power being a theme in her novel is

'Beware for I am fearless, and therefore powerful'

and here we also see that fear is a theme, or the lack of it. Fear is a reasonable response to danger in most cases - it the body's way of protecting us and ensuring human survival. A certain amount of risk is necessary for human beings to make progress, for example by experimentation. However, if too many people went beyond that level of acceptable risk, then the human species would be overexposed to danger and might die out. Therefore, to have a complete lack of fear would be unreasonable and perhaps to be incapable of rational thought or emotion. Such is the monster we have before us. In the real world however, a completley fearless person might indeed be powerful - but not for very long! He would eventually endanger himself so much that he would die and have no power at all.

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