What are the common names of different species of penguins? This is for a sixth-grade science project on vertebrates. 

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There are twenty-two different species of penguins, which will be listed below with their common names and place of habitation.

The African Black-Footed penguin is the only penguin native to Africa and resides in South Africa and Namibia.

The Northern Rockhoppers are native to Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island, which are uninhabited islands of the South Atlantic Ocean.

The King penguin is also native to the cold islands of the South Atlantic Ocean.

The Adélie penguin is native to Antartica.

The small and adorable Fairy penguin is native to the southern island of New Zealand.

The Yellow-Eyed penguin, facing extinction, resides on New Zealand's South Island.

The Chinstrap penguin resides in Antartica as well as islands in the Pacific and Southern Ocean.

The Magellanic penguin resides on the coasts of southern South America.

The Southern Rockhopper penguin resides on the Falkland Islands.

The Macaroni penguin can be found in South America, Australia, Antartica, and Marion Island.

The Australian little penguin resides on the southern Australian coast, Tasmania, and a small island of New Zealand.

The Emperor penguin resides on the ice offshore of Antartica.

The Snares penguin resides on small islets off New Zealand's South Island.

The Galápagos penguin resides on the archipelago for which it is named.

The Erect-Crested penguin resides on the Antipodes and Bounty islands of New Zealand.

The Gentoo penguin resides on islands in the southern Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

The Royal penguin resides on the sub-Antarctic island of Macquarie.

The Humboldt penguin resides on the coastal lands of Chile and Peru.

The Eastern Rockhopper penguin resides on several islands of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

The Fiorland penguin is a rainforest dwelling penguin of New Zealand's South Island.

The Allied King penguin resides on several island in the southern islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The Ellworth Gentoo penguin resides exclusively on the coast of Antartica.

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Penguins remain one of the most interesting and beloved creatures on Earth. This flightless seabird primarily resides in cold climates below the Equator. The majority of the penguin population is found in Antarctica or the colder regions extending north of the continent. According to Two Oceans Aquarium, a research institute in Cape Town, South Africa, there are twenty-six different kinds of penguins, many located on the most southerly coast of Africa (2017). The World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic report there are between seventeen and nineteen different types of penguins (2019).

The Penguin belongs in the Animalia Kingdom. It is a member of the class of Aves or birds. Some of the more common penguins are the Emperor and the King penguins. The Emperor penguin lives mostly in the Antarctica Region and the King penguin in the Falkland Islands. These two species are the most common species and are probably the ones most people picture when they think of a penguin.

A lesser-known penguin but equally interesting is the Galapagos penguin. Though when most people think penguins, they associate bitterly cold climates, the Galapagos penguin lives in the Galápagos archipelago. It survives in a tropical and semi-arid climate, which is the opposite of how we think of penguins. This is why penguins as a species are so unique and fun to study!

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