What are the characteristics of the Renaissances?

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The Renaissance period is a period in history which is placed between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. It is usually considered to have taken place in the fifteenth and sixteenth century throughout Europe, mainly in Italy.

The term Renaissance means “re-birth.” One of the main characteristics of the Renaissance period is the re-birth of the classical culture and its values. People at the time started to rediscover and value classical scholarship, leading to a re-birth of the classical values and the trends of ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The works of classical philosophers became fashionable again and were studied eagerly, in the hope that society could be improved through them. As a result, there was a huge surge in scientific improvement during the Renaissance period. People took an increased interest in nature, having been inspired by the works of classical philosophers and writers. Rather than just relying on religion to explain nature, people during the Renaissance period tried to figure out natural and scientific laws in order to answer their questions about life.

Through the invention of the printing press, written work could now be copied and passed on to others, thus creating a much wider audience. In art, the classical influence can be seen in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, for example. Following the trends in classical art, Renaissance art is very much depicting nature and other objects as they are, following mathematical principles. In architecture, Renaissance led to a revival of the ancient temple shapes, with columns and domes.

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