Antigone Characteristics

What are the characteristics of the character Antigone in terms of what she is committed to? I am writing a research paper on Antigone, and I wanted to do a character study on the character Antigone. 

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Antigone shows a deep commitment both to family and to traditions in the play. After her brother’s death, she is fiercely dedicated to him, arguing vocally for a proper burial and ceremony. Her commitment shows how very stubborn she is, because she refuses to yield even when threatened with death. She shows a passionate commitment to those who she loves, fighting for them until death. This shows compassion as well as stubbornness in her commitment.

Additionally, she is committed to performing proper rituals, wanting her brother to be appropriately buried, and appealing to the gods for justice. This shows a moral superiority in her commitment, revealing that she is committed to doing the right thing, regardless of the personal cost. All of this wraps up into making her a martyr for the cause of justice and the rights of...

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