Biblical Allusions In The Crucible

What are the biblical allusions in act II of Arthur Miller's The Crucible?

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The previous two answers to this question have already comprehensively given all the biblical allusions in act 2. Collectively, what they illustrate is the degree to which the lives of people in this Puritan community are shaped by their intensive reading and study of the Bible.

As righteous Protestants, the people of Salem believe that the Bible is God's word, inerrant and undeviating, completely and literally true. Their extensive knowledge of Holy Scripture means that they invariably reach for biblical allusions when they wish to express themselves.

It's notable that in all three examples from act 2, the characters making biblical allusions are in situations of stress. In such highly pressurized situations, they readily turn to the Bible and the moral lessons it imparts. This provides them with much-needed guidance at a time when everything around them seems to be falling apart, with the very fabric of society being torn asunder by the mass hysteria of the witch craze.

There are three...

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