What are the benefits of a fact checking site updating its information on a regular basis?

Regular updating has the benefit of ensuring the integrity and accuracy of a fact-checking site's information. This will give the public a better understanding of reality. It can also serve to hold public figures more accountable concerning the claims and statements that they make.

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In the age of the internet, nearly anyone can publish nearly anything online. While this has done much to give people more access to information, it also has the potential to spread misinformation. With few other safety guards against misinformation, it often falls to independent fact-checkers to determine the validity of information online. When misinformation is discovered, a reputable website has the responsibility to make an update.

Current events in recent years and months have illustrated the need for trusted fact-checking. We have seen many false statements, both intentional and unintentional, from politicians and other public figures. If independent fact-checkers do not hold these people to account, it can be nearly impossible to separate truth from falsehoods. Sometimes, merely the existence of fact-checkers has been enough to hold some public figures to the truth.

Furthermore, when a site frequently updates its information as new and more accurate information comes to light, it can earn more credibility. Some people may see revisions of information as a sign that a publication is committed to honesty and truth. Contrast this to a site that does not issue updates when its previous information has been shown to be inaccurate. It may be a bit embarrassing for a site to make changes, as this acknowledges that it had made an error previously. However, if a site or publication wants to be faithful to its mission of reporting facts and spreading the truth, then a move such as this shows its integrity.

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