What are the allusions in part 1 of Green Grass, Running Water?

The allusions in part 1 of Green Grass, Running Water include Coyote, whose name derives from the Native American mythological tradition of the trickster coyote, and First Woman, whose character is derived from both the First Woman in Native American mythology and Eve in the biblical book of Genesis.

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There are many allusions in part 1 of Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water. In the opening of part 1, we are introduced to Coyote, who is the narrator. In the mythology of Native American oral traditions, a coyote is commonly a “trickster.” Coyote in the novel operates much in the same way a trickster in Native American mythology would—he is spirited, mischievous, and powerful, with the ability to create discord.

The next significant allusion is Dog, which is a clear reference to God, since it is a reversal or...

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