What are the advantages of coronavirus? What is the positive impact of this virus?

An advantage of coronavirus is increased time spent with families.

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As a writing prompt, this prompt is very subjective. Just about anything you say is a positive is likely to be argued against by someone else's subjective opinion. The other difficult part of the prompt is that not enough time has passed for studies to have been done to confirm your thoughts.

One advantage to the recent viral pandemic is that it has increased various people's immunities. If a person has been exposed to the virus, and he or she successfully fought off the virus, that person now has immunities for that specific virus. The human immune system will remember what the virus looks like and be able to defend against it at any point in the future so long as the virus remains unchanged.

Another benefit has been that families have been forced to spend more time together. While that may seem like a negative to certain people, it can be argued that the increased face-to-face time has benefited families in how they interact with each other on a face-to-face basis.

A third benefit has been increased exercise in certain people. While people have been prevented from going to stores or even work, people have been encouraged to go for runs and walks.

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