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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the "plural executive" system in Texas?

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The advantages and disadvantages of the plural executive in Texas might relate to power-sharing or decisive action.

One could argue that the plural executive helps prevent the governor from amassing too much power and ruling the state like an autocrat. Since the governor has limited power, it’s not easy for them to sidestep democratic systems and processes. The plural executive seems to be an antidote to bullying and coercion. As The Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey said in a 2017 article, “In a state where the top executive office has constitutionally limited powers, bossing agencies around on policy is constrained.”

For a disadvantage, perhaps sometimes a strong executive is needed if something has to be done efficiently or right away. One might argue that a strong executive that can accomplish things is better than a diffused executive that can’t get much done.

Finally, one might wonder how “plural” the executive currently is in Texas. Right now, Republicans occupy all the positions in the executive branch. They also have a majority in the Texas House and the Texas Senate. Even if there is a check on Governor Greg Abbott’s powers, it doesn’t seem to prevent him or his party from advancing their agenda and passing controversial laws about voting, trans people, and abortion.

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A plural executive government system means that the governor is limited in power and the power is distributed among several executive members. This means that no one person is in charge of the executive branch. These members are elected officials, except for the appointed Secretary of State, and answer to their constitutes not the governor.

Since this is an opinion question, you really can’t go wrong with your answer as long as you give supporting evidence for your response. Advantages of this type of system include a government where individuals need to collaborate and work together. More cooperation between the executive and legislative branch is required. Given our party system in the United States, this also insures that the party of the governor does not have complete control of the executive branch.

There are also some disadvantages of this type of government. A plural executive structure lacks the cohesiveness of one leader. If there are different goals and beliefs among the executive members, it could create gridlock and a system where little gets accomplished.

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