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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using personality test for assessments.

By using personality tests for assessment, employers can determine the personality traits and analyze the behavior of the applicants, as well as learn more about their personal and work values, ideologies and principles; however, personality tests can also be unreliable.

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Employers conduct personality tests with the purpose of evaluating applicants and potential employees and determining whether or not they possess the right skills, mindset and knowledge about the job position that they're applying for; in other words, personality tests help the employers see which candidates are most suitable for the job. One of the most commonly used personality assessment tools is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

There are several advantages and disadvantages of personality tests. One of the main advantages of personality tests is that they show the employers how well the candidates might preform in the workplace. What people say in their resumes can sometimes be different from what they’re actually capable of doing; personality tests can help employers determine if the candidates match the job requirements and if they fit the company’s culture.

Another advantage of using personality tests as hiring tools is the fact that they always provide unbiased results, especially if they are used correctly. Interviews, for instance, are not as objective as personality tests, as the interviewers might have certain preferences or biases when it comes to choosing the right applicant.

However, the test itself might be based and crafted on a certain preference. For instance, a company that requires outstanding communication skills and the ability to connect well with people might administer a personality test which might be inclusive to introverts; an applicant who is more introverted in nature can actually be the perfect fit for the job, however, because of their personality type, the test will determine that they’re not, in fact, quailed and that they will most likely underperform in the workplace.

On another note, some applicants might ‘cheat’ on the test and provide answers which they believe will help them get the job. Thus, unreliability and even inaccuracy are some of the main disadvantages of personality tests.