Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?

The advantages of computers include increased access the wealth of information on the internet, the ability to analyze massive amounts of data very quickly, and increased opportunities for communication. Some disadvantages of computers include over the erosion of healthy in-person social interactions, invasions of privacy, and cyber crime.

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Computers are here to stay, whether we like them or not. They are part of the juggernaut of the Industrial Revolution which began in England with textile making. This put many independent weavers out of jobs. I think the most important thing to recognize about computers and the other innovations that go with it is that it keeps changing the job market. It has been said that a person should expect to change jobs several times during his or her life. The only way for an intelligent person to cope with this frightening reality is to keep preparing for new developments. And the best way to do this is through "continuing education." You have to foresee what is going to happen in your particular field of interest and source of income and be prepared to adapt to the new conditions. The best way to do this is through education in school, because the teachers know what is coming better than almost anybody else. There are plenty of good jobs for people who are prepared to fill them. But people who just want to feel comfortable in their present jobs and spend their time at work watching television or playing video games may be in for a rude shock if and when their job is eliminated or taken over by a robot!

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The advantages of computers are obvious and have been covered by the previous answers. I would like to discuss the disadvantages.

Computers have put millions of people out of work. For example, they have ravaged the book-selling business. Book stores are closing all across the country because it is so much more convenient to buy books online and so much easier to find the books you want. But in many cases it is possible to read books on the monitor or to print them. Computers have created jobs but not as many as they have displaced. They are only in their infancy, too. More and more shopping is being done online. Even the supermarkets are being affected. It looks as though the cities are going to be transformed in coming years, and many small towns are already being wiped out of existence.

Another disadvantage of personal computers is that they are addictive. Everywhere you go you see people staring into their laptops, and you may wonder, as I do, what they are thinking and what they find so hypnotic.

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Given the fact that our world is generated by computers (including enotes), this might represent a large advantage.  The presence of computers demands an understanding of it.  In understanding it, one possesses a distinct advantage in "cracking the code" of information and processing it.  The presentation, organization, and storage of information is another clear advantage of computers.  At the same time, the reality of identity theft and electronic frauds represent a poor usage of computers, and this helps to constitute a distinct disadvantage of it.  On a more theoretical level, I think that the dependence on computers could help to constitute a disadvantage, as anything that generates dependence can be dangerous.

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The advantages of computers are many.  One advantage is their time saving nature.  It is much quicker to type a letter than to write one with a pen.  The connection to the internet is of great use.  The ability to research something or ask questions in real time is amazing.  The amount of data that can be stored, manipulated, and retrieved is phenominal.  Using the computer save natural resources by limiting our need of paper and pencils.

A disadvantage of computers is when they break down.  Most people do not know how to fix them and have to take them to be repaired.  Our growing dependence on computers is concerning.  Everything is run by computer now and when one goes down it impacts many.  Another disadvantage of computers is that some children spend too much time on them.  Due to this, their social development may be stunted. 

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The advantages of computers are quite clear. With computers, you can ask this question and I can answer it. That helps both of us. With computers and the internet, businesses can sell their products to people far from where they are. Computers can be used to help create and test new products.

The disadvantages of computers are harder to see. Somer are environmental. Computers use a great deal of electricity and they can be dangerous when disposed of improperly. Some disadvantges are social -- things like child pornography and stalking are made easier by the internet.

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