Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement Questions and Answers

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What are the 3 violations of the IRB and NASW Code of Ethics in the Tuskegee Experiment on black males? Identify the violations and provide examples of each violation.

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There were numerous ethical violations that the researchers involved in the Tuskegee Experiment enacted upon the 400 black men who endured the racist, abusive study.

First, the study is a clear violation of informed consent. The 400 black men who tested positive for syphilis were not informed of the name or nature of the disease and were repeatedly lied to and deceived regarding the study, tests, and medical procedures. Tests and procedures were enacted without informed consent, and therefore, they constitute assault. As such, there is no way, even if the patients agreed to the study, that they agreed via informed consent, in which the patient is made aware of all the facts and context of the disease being studied, the process of the study, any potential risks of the study, and the medical tests/procedures being proposed. Instead, researchers intentionally deceived the patients in order to obtain consent under completely false pretenses.

Secondly, the researchers violated ethical code by...

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