What are the 15 most important events in chronological order in The Giver?

There are many important events throughout Lois Lowry's The Giver, including Jonas's routine experiences in the community and his enlightening training sessions with the Giver. Other notable events include Jonas being selected to be the community's next Receiver of Memory, his experiences receiving memories of war and Christmas, and the moment he discovers the truth about release. Another significant event is Jonas's decision to save Gabriel's life by fleeing the community and traveling to Elsewhere.

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  1. Jonas recalls feeling frightened when a jet plane accidentally flew over the community and all the citizens are instructed to remain indoors for an extended period of time before being told that the pilot will be released.
  2. Jonas's father brings home a newchild named Gabriel, who has pale eyes like Jonas.
  3. Jonas watches an apple mysteriously change in mid air while playing catch with Asher. He takes the apple home to examine it further but is reprimanded by the Speaker.
  4. Jonas is skipped over during the annual December Ceremony before the Chief Elder announces that he has been selected to be the community's Receiver of Memory.
  5. Jonas arrives at the Annex, where he begins his first training session with the Giver, who transfers the fun memory of sled riding down a snowy hill.
  6. The Giver explains to Jonas the Capacity to See Beyond, and Jonas recognizes that he has been seeing the color red.
  7. Jonas begins to question Sameness after seeing colors and argues that the citizens should have the ability to...

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