What are ten things that will help to improve healthcare in the United States?

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First, prescription drugs should not be advertised on TV. The pharmaceutical industry spends billions on TV advertisements. This result is higher drug prices and a misinformed public. Only the United States and New Zealand permit this type of advertising.

Second, costs of treatment need to be clearly stated up front. Consumers are typically hit with additional, unexpected expenses that were omitted from initial estimates.

Third, everyone needs to be covered by health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, reduced the number of uninsured people, but it remains far too high.

Fourth, the health care system must be simplified. As of 2020, the system is too complex, and the required paperwork is an added burden.

Fifth, the US government needs to send fact-finding teams to countries with superior—and cheaper—health care systems. These teams' findings could improve American health care in many ways.

Sixth, both political parties in the US must work together. The Republicans do not support Obamacare, but they have no plan of their own. At present, further health care reform is blocked by partisan bickering.

Seventh, doctors' salaries need to be reduced. American physicians are paid much more than their counterparts in other advanced nations.

Eighth, the US needs to improve its infant mortality rate. It ranks thirty-three out of thirty-six advanced nations.

Ninth, the profit-oriented system needs to be scrapped. There should not be any profit in health care.

Finally, the same quality of care needs to be made available for everyone. Although the US has some of the finest medical facilities in the world, they remain inaccessible to millions of Americans.

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