What are ten things that a company like Walmart can do to address the issues of discrimination on the basis of sex and gender?

Things that a company like Walmart can do to address discrimination on the basis of sex and gender include an equitable promotion process, paying everyone the same amount, and creating safe and secure channels for reporting predatory behavior.

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To come up with ten things that a company like Walmart can do to address discrimination on the basis of sex and gender, take a look at what companies like Walmart have done in the past. Regarding Walmart specifically, they have regularly been accused of discriminating against employees on the basis of sex and gender. Sort through their history and identity how, if they’d taken a different approach, they might have avoided such accusations.

One step is to ensure a fair and equitable promotion process that sidelines factors like gender and sex and stresses traits like hard work. Women employees for Walmart have said that their dedicated labor did not earn them promotions. They consistently had to witness male employees earn the promotions that they had toiled for.

According to some Walmart employees, women were told that the men earned the promotions because the men had to support their families. A second thing a company like Walmart could do to ensure equity is not make decisions based on stereotypes. There is no reason why a woman couldn't be supporting her family. Women, too, can play the role of breadwinner.

A third step relates to salary. One thing that a company can do to demonstrate equity is to pay people the same amount regardless of their gender. If everyone is doing equal work, there is no reason why there should be a pay gap.

For two additional steps, think about sexual harassment. Women should not have to tolerate any sexual harassment in the work place. If such a situation occurs, companies should make sure that women have safe and secure channels that they can utilize so that the predatory employee in question can be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

One might also think about what companies outside of the retail industry, like tech companies, are doing to combat gender inequality and discrimination. Maybe these approaches can be applied to a business like Walmart.

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