What are ten reasons why drugs should not be legalized in the United States?

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The following are ten reasons why drugs should not be legalized in the United States:

  1. Drug use has negative health risks and consequences. Drug users can experience physical symptoms such as weight gain, weight loss, loss of appetite, flu-like symptoms, and red/puffy eyes. Furthermore, drug use affects an individual's mental state with symptoms, such as lack of motivation and sudden changes in behavior.
  2. Drug use results in addiction. Drug use makes an individual want to use more of the drug. It also becomes difficult for the individual to go without the drug.
  3. Drugs have a direct correlation with violence. For example, cocaine use gives the user an intense feeling of euphoria. When the cocaine user comes down from this feeling of euphoria, the cocaine user experiences feelings of anger, anxiety, and paranoia. These feelings often result in violent outbursts. Over half of all drug users in the United States have committed at least one act of violence while under the influence of drugs.
  4. Drug use results in financial consequences. Drug use also has a negative financial effect on society as a whole. In the United States, drug use costs over $750 billion per year lost in employer time and productivity, medical costs and expenditures, violence, and crime.
  5. Drug use often has a direct correlation with alcohol addiction and abuse. Statistics show that approximately seventy-five percent of individuals addicted to drug also have an addiction to alcohol.
  6. Drug use has negative consequences for individuals with mental health issues. Statistics show that individuals with mental health issues are more likely to abuse drugs than individuals without mental health issues.
  7. Drugs are more likely to influence the unemployed population. The unemployed population is two times more likely to suffer from drug addiction than those who are employed.
  8. Drugs are more likely to influence individuals who are incarcerated. Approximately seventy percent of incarcerated individuals suffer from addiction.
  9. Some drugs, such as prescription drugs, are easily accessible and often overlooked. Pain relievers and sedatives are among the most abused prescription drugs. Furthermore, women are more at-risk than men to become addicted to prescription drugs.
  10. Drug use results in irresponsible behavior. Individuals addicted to drugs will use their income to purchase additional drugs rather than to cover their basic needs (i.e. rent/mortgage, food, etc.).

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