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What are ten positive effects of gender on a family buying decision?

Women are more likely to purchase all specific items needed and find sales or promotions than men. This makes women more likely to conduct routine shopping trips for their families, like grocery and clothing shopping, than men. Men are more likely to read all information available about a product prior to purchasing it. This makes men more likely to make major purchasing decisions, like big ticket electronics and appliances, for their families.

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Gender is one the most significant factors that affects consumer purchasing behavior. Women and men think differently about different products because they utilize products differently from one another. Let's take a look at some of the positive impacts that gender has on purchasing decisions. Contrary to popular belief, women tend to be more frugal and buy less of a product that they like. For example, the Birchbox sample subscription service found that when women sample a product they like, they purchase a single full size of that product. When men sample a product they like, they purchase between...

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